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When All Else Fails . . .


Whether you are using Windows or Apple, desktop or laptop, a single PC or a network, I can help. Have a look at the menu on the left for more details.

Simply call to arrange a time that is convenient for you (I work daytime or evening, including weekends), and you can expect the appointment to be kept. A standard visit lasts 2 hours, and costs 59 Euro. Fixed rates, accurate quotes, and a professional service.


The modern computer is a powerful and flexible tool, which is able to do a thousand marvellous tasks in the blink of an eye. Most of us, however, have struggled all night trying to e-mail a photograph.
(Tip - try using PICASA, free from Google)

If you can make a list of what you would like to be able to do, call me, and I will spend a couple of hours, in your home, at your pace, showing you how.


It may well be true that the world would be a better place if everyone used Apple instead of Windows - but we don’t. And that is why it is difficult to find somebody on the rare occasion when you do run into trouble, or need a little help.

Just because your local computer shop ignores Apple, it doesn’t mean that everybody does. So, whether you need help with movies and DVD’s, an upgrade or a repair, for a trusty old Mac or a beautiful new one, call me now to arrange a visit.


Error messages are too frequent, particularly with the Internet, but they can be difficult to trace and repair. Many people simply accept them as unavoidable, but they may be a sign of viruses, spyware, or hardware failure. A single 2 hour visit is usually enough to clean-up a Windows computer, and get it running as smoothly and reliably as the day you bought it.


In some situations, one computer just isn’t enough (although I struggle to use all of mine at once). The kids want to play, or surf the net, while you need your email? Perhaps you want to share an ADSL connection, or use your desktop printer from your laptop?

Linking two or more computers can require anything from a single cable to a collection of routers, bridges and wireless protocols. If you have any networking questions or problems, call to arrange a visit, or e-mail for further advice.

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